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Building a community of service providers from 0 to
Building a community of service providers from 0 to
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The pet services market is worth an estimated £1.7bn and is projected to grow 24.8% to £2.1bn by 2023, fulled by "peternal" instincts of the younger generations. Naturally, it’s been on our radar for a long time. When we first met the founder of what would later become Tailster, we knew they were onto something special in bringing together a data centric business, the gig economy, and community building in an exciting new offer for the category.

From 0 to 250,000 vetted dog walkers and carers in 3 years


Turning a great idea into a viable business

Having experienced the flaws of pet walking and pet sitting services first hand, the founder spotted an opportunity to create a mobile-enabled, on-demand service to revolutionise pet care in the UK. But with only a MVP prototype in play, there was a need of turning the idea into a viable business that could sell the vision as well as secure further funding.

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Scaling a business through cash, creativity and connections

We worked closely with the founder to develop the brand experience from name and identity to the product roadmap and go-to customer acquisition plan. As a key board advisor, Zag helped to secure funding and support key partnership development, including a media partner that helped launch an award winning outdoor campaign

Co-creating every element of the brand and a go to market launch for their first ever campaign

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From a greenfield start, Tailster is now established as the leading dog walking service in the UK with over 250,000 dog owners and carers

OOH Campaign increased traffic by 50%

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