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The Open Casestudy 11

The Open.
Golf's Original Championship.
Raw, Wild and Real.

The Open is the world’s toughest and most revered golf championship.

It embodies golf in its purest form, challenging players to pit their skills against natures harshest elements.

For the 151st anniversary, we created a new design system with the R&A, bringing fresh energy to its heritage.

Our goal was to honor the Championship’s legacy as a timeless test of skill and character against nature’s unyielding forces. This led to three strategic elements:

A brand narrative and storytelling guide: Raw, Wild, and Real.
A tournament positioning: Nature’s Timeless Test.
A new tagline to support all comms: Forged by Nature.

Clio Sports Award

We are proud to be shortlisted for our work with R&A, in the prestigious Clio Sports Awards branding category.

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The new identity captures nature's unpredictable forces: sun, wind, water and earth. We brought the iconic logo to life with CGI and animation, reflecting these elements in its colours and textures.

Cinematic visuals highlight the emotional and physical impact on players: an explosion of earth as a ball is struck, the wild winds and spray of exposed coastlines, the warmth of dawn and unpredictable downpours. Finally, the metallic shine of the Claret Jug symbolises the triumph of overcoming these elements. We created five toolkits of poetic visual branding for use across all touchpoints.

These new brand assets make The Open more digitally fluent and agile, connecting with long-time fans and inspiring new sports enthusiasts with immersive experiences.

The 151st championship marks the beginning of an exciting era of continuous brand building. Forged by nature.

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The Open Casestudy PR 07
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Executive Producer: Teamup
CGI Partner: Bose Collins

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