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New EE is here

The new EE was born to enable the BT group achieve their ambition of being the most personal and customer-focused technology brand in the UK.

Launching with a bigger, broader, bolder offering for customers, there are focus areas around Home, Work, Game and Learn and early propositions around home security, enhanced TV services, new network personalisation technologies and a new gaming destination. All of this is underpinned by a new EE ID digital platform, opening a gateway to buy and manage services whether an existing customer of not.

Identity is everything everywhere

To support these growth ambitions now and next, we boosted the brand with dialled-up distinctiveness and the extra elasticity needed to cut through in new categories. We took the brand back to its core component, the smart dot, and gave it a new, simpler aesthetic and defined new behaviours to allow the brand as much playful, multi-channel utility as possible.

Working alongside all of EE’s internal teams and partners, we adapted the identity into distinctive channel experiences, including working closely with the digital squads to design a future-facing digital north star covering UI language and ownable digital behaviors.

Everyone is an innovator

The revamped brand is focused on a strategy of real-life relevance. It reframes the idea of innovation, moving it away from engineering and network technology and instead giving it to the consumers who inspire us with new ways to do the things they love, like mastering bedtime routines, escaping the dull day to day or smashing personal goals.

The beating heart of product design

We defined the product DNA of the brand by its physical hardware form, with principles of continuous curves, formal contrast, all with a consistent, functional EE heart. The latest products are just the start of this direction and the realisation of our collaboration with Tej Chauhan.

Sensory upgrade

The new brand identity comes with a sensory upgrade complete with a full sonic library, bringing EE’s playful but leading, rabble-rousing personality to life. We defined materials and haptic behaviours to build distinction through touch and developed a scent for use in retail and experiential scenarios.

Credit: Father and Keshins co

Part of the bigger picture

New EE is part of a holistic business transformation across the BT Group. Alongside EE, Zag has been building a brand to supercharge BT’s business-focused ambitions, and a new brand for BT Group to operate more effectively as an active holding company. More on this to come.


Product design partner: Tej Chauhan
Sound design partner: Father
Type design partner: Colophon
Illustration partner: P.I.C studio
Animation development: SR partners, Rich Coldicott, Liam Corner, Matt Fowler
Scent design: Prosody London
Haptic design: Goya Studio

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