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Zag's latest seed fund investments
Anu Shah

Zag makes five new investments in 2020

What connects Behaviour analysis, the Beauty industry, Car Rental, Ecom Tech and CBD?

Zag has been busy during 2020, concluding five new investments from the Zag Seed Fund. First launched in 2017 in partnership with growth capital providers, VGC, the fund was set up to invest seed capital in promising founders where Zag’s client networks, our understanding of the customer and our go to market experience can provide an “unfair advantage” to entrepreneurs in the early stages of establishing their business. Having seen over 300 plans a year on average and met up with hundreds of founders, the Zag team have developed a unique understanding of what makes a Zag venture work - the right combination of founder commitment, size of market opportunity and Zag’s ability to validate the business through our insights or networks.

Over three years we have concluded 17 investments and are happy to welcome another five exciting ventures to our family during the first half of 2020.


Sensing Feeling

With billions of terrabytes of video data being generated every second, SensingFeeling uses sophisticated machine learning to turn this data into useful, anonymised insights for major infrastructure providers globally.

Our investment rationale - validation of the proposition through our clients and networks, unique technology and a team jam packed with experience in the industry.


In a nascent and rapidly growing but fragmented CBD industry, Naturecan aims to deliver transparency and clarity to consumers looking for CBD health products.

Our investment rationale - Growing market without a brand leader, validated consumer insights and a team with a proven track record.


Piggybacking one of the largest ecommerce platforms supporting over $14billion in transactions annually, Revtap simply helps Shopify store owners turn their ecom data into more revenue.

Our investment rationale - Proven validation through our networks and a team determined to be a key part of the ecom enabling ecosystem.


As personalisation becomes increasingly demanded across all industries, Beautonmy allows consumers and influencers to customize their own make-up palettes

Our investment rationale - A robustly validated proposition within one of the fastest growing segments of the e-commerce sector and a team with a proven track record of building global brands and businesses.


In a sector crying out for a better consumer experience, Strago is developing an end to end mobile first platform to enable the car rental experience, as customers would expect it to be today.

Our investment rationale - A complex industry that requires an over the top solution to help reduce operating costs while improving customer happiness and a team with unique domain knowledge

Over the coming weeks, we will be digging into some of these start-ups stories in more detail through interviews with the founders. Follow our LinkedIn page for further updates.

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