People powered telco

Brand Strategy - Digital - UX


Starting as a trial in Miami, the program is steadily growing with over 10,000 Activists to date, launching in over 10 new cities in the US and Europe, and becoming one of Rebtel’s most important sales channels. However, what makes us really proud is that we are creating real jobs for real people who really need it the most.


When it comes to highly competitive industries, it doesn’t get much tougher than telco. As the innovative international calling card company, Rebtel wanted to enter the US by doing things differently. Rather than trying to outspend the competition, Rebtel decided to outsmart them.


Rebtel turned their super users in key cultural corridors into Activists and cut straight to the heart of the audience. By giving Activists a mobile office, we gave the customers already raving about Rebtel’s products a chance to make proper money by recruiting their peers. Now that Rebtel is turning users into employees and employees into communities, competition doesn’t stand a chance.