Turning Swedes into super chefs

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Having been downloaded 1.3 million times, Arla Köket has become the largest cooking and recipe app in Sweden, with 1% of the population now active monthly users.


As the largest dairy producer in Scandinavia, Arla wanted to be seen as more than just a milk brand. Having invested heavily in R&D, Arla launched an enticing new range of foods and meals with huge anticipation but with one challenge; figuring out a way for people to discover them.


On discovering that 81% of Swedes felt caught in a cooking rut, turning to the same old meals day in, day out for lack of ideas of something new, we set our sights on reigniting people’s passion to cook. By developing unique recipe guides around Arla’s hero products and foods we created a digital platform to provide fresh cooking inspiration and experimentation.